Liteon 16102B Firmware blunder


I recently updated my DVD 163 firmware sucessfully by the book only to discover that after, my Liteon 16102B burner didn’t register having CD’s in it although it seems to be fine according to Nero info tool. I have tried a range of old through to new firmwares made with litefirm using mtkflash without luck.

When I put a CD in the burner, the green light flashes a few times, the HD works away a bit and then nothing. This to me would suggest a firmware problem as the CD should at least spin.

Would this suggest that the *.bin files made with litefirm don’t work 100% and that I would need a true backup copy of the firmware?. I would be ever so grateful if someone could send me a copy of it as I would have backed it up except for the fact that I wasn’t actually working on it.

Thanks in advance,