Liteon 16101b no new firmware?



i have a liteon 16101b burnet and the lasted TSOW firmware available old of two years!!
i have trouble with memorex CDRW 8x-12x but the memorex works fine in an older 8x plextor burner.
i will never buy another liteon drive since firmware are not updated!!


Well old stuff don’t get updated, thats how computers work. You have to upgrade once in a while. Why must you use memorex ? Try using other media.


the memorex box costed me 20 euros
a box of cdrw 10x is also 20 euros

the 52x24x52x is at 44 euros now (LG, asus or liteon)
so for only 30 euros more i can use my 12x cd.
i will probably choose an asus or lg and not liteon


I did some reading up of Memorex 10x/12x CD-RWs here, and it seems most people who have problems with them are using LiteON CD-RW drives.

Sure enough, the Memorex 12x CD-RWs I have choke on my LiteON LTR-32123S but work fine on my Teac burner.

I only got the Memorex because it was dirt-cheap, a 10-pack for $9 (under 8 euros). I hope your box came with 20, or else you overpaid for low quality media.

i will never buy another liteon drive since firmware are not updated!!

Do Asus or LG update their years-old, aging legacy products to work with constantly introduced, new media?


now the memorex box is at 15 euros box of ten.
there are the cheapest. prices are higher in europe.
big company tend to increase price, there is 15 to 20 vat and other taxe for musician and some duty taxe for some countries.