LiteOn 160P6S05, how to speed up CD ripping?




I’ve had this burner for about 4 months and had good luck with it. I have recently started ripping my CD collection to hard drive with EAC and noticed that this drive only rips CDs at 2.4X speed with EAC while my Plextor PX-716A can hit speeds up to 8X.

When I got the LiteOn, I updated it with the newest ‘unlocked’ ripping speed firmware. I forgot what that designation was however.


I also have a 160P6S with PS0C f/w. Since I had a little spare time, I decided to do some testing. With EAC, mine gets up to about 3.8x on each track while ripping, but averages only 2.8x (that’s ripping to .WAV, not converting to .MP3). However, the same Litey with dBpowerAMP Music Converter rips the same CD at an average of 8.1x. So I think a lot of the slowness is due to EAC.

It took me 15:53 (mins:secs) to rip the CD with EAC, but only 5:29 with dBpowerAMP. Of course, dBpowerAMP doesn’t have the same level of ripping accuracy as EAC. So I think I’ll stick with EAC even though it’s slower. :iagree:


That is an interesting observation. So signs point to EAC. EAC is sure giving me fits lately. Discs with the most minor of blemishes often lock up EAC indefinitely. This is very frustrating, as I can’t imagine error correction not being able to handle these errors. Happens on both my drives.


You could try Cdex instead of EAC. It also does a good job in ripping but might not satisfy an audio purist.


EAC doesn’t play well with the SMART-X feature in LiteOn drives.

SMART-X is supposed to let the drive play quietly when you’re only listening to music on a CD or watching a video on DVD and it’s supposed to let you read at maximum speed when ripping or copying a disc.

When using EAC for some reason SMART-X thinks you’re only palying the music so it slows down.

You can circumvent this temporarily by e.g. using CDSpeed to perform a Read Transfer test just for a few seconds until the drive is at maximum RPM speed, and then you can quit CDSpeed and perform your rip in EAC. It’s a bit of a pain but it works.

I have several other drives to perform DAE so it doesn’t really bother me.


Thanks, I’ll look into that today.

uugh, I knew there had to be some reason things were acting like that! I think I have a 5-year old TDK VeloCD CD-R drive around here. I may swap that out for the the Litey while I’m ripping my collection.