LiteOn 160P6S in Black at the EGG

On day sale with free shipping. :cool: I already have two of them but… might have to pick up another one. Link for you

I bought 2 more. :rolleyes: You can never have too many burner’s. NO? :bigsmile:

You’re doing this to make me crazy aren’t you? What the hell…1 more can’t hurt… :wink:
Keep this up and you’re going on ignore… :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys are gonna [B][I]love[/I][/B] this burner-eh!

Me - I’m still waitin’ for my BenQ 1655 I bought last week offa the Egg-

why jumping on the wagon so late mike?? I expect you to be the one of the first few people getting 1655 when it first launched. You will love it Mike. I bought the Seagate drive today, and I got my tracking number already, shipping from La Puenta, so I should be receving it tomorrow. Why does it take so long for your BenQ drive??

Because UPS has a hard time finding him in the redwood forrests. Or hadn’t you heard that bigmike is really smokey the bear. :smiley:

Yo Jesterrace-

Love ya too-

Delay due to it being shipped from NJ to CA - and over a weekend too boot-eh!

(currently doing Disc Quality tests with my Taiyo Yuden 8x +R T02’s, Verbatim 16x +R MCC04’s and Ricoh 4x +R R01’s)

@ghetocowboy - actually waited on this one - to see how everybody else did with theirs - and the fact that the DW questions the growing pile of old burners over in the corner-eh!

:flower: :flower: :flower: :bigsmile:

Just ordered mine, like I needed another burner. I know thats exactly what the wife is going to say. I just got my Pioneer 111 from the egg last week. Maybe the UPS guy will
show up when she is gone.

Litescribe and ram is now $33.00 with free shipping

Just out of curiosity what firmware are you guys using in your 160P6S’s.
Thanks, Budzos

I’ve been using PSOA on my 160 for about a month now and it works great. :clap:

How much does it cost, and can I order three… :wink:

Cool, It should be here on friday, the firmware is already downloaded and waiting. Now I think I will have to buy an ide controller card or build a 5th computer. Any suggestions on
a good ide card would be appreciatted.
Thanks, Budzos

Yo Budzos-

You will probably get much better response to your question if you post it over in the ‘Hardware Forum’ -eh!

Your probably right. Thanks bigmike.

Whats the difference in the H6s and P6s?


I just got my 160P6S, The beige bezel that came with my 1635S fit with just a little bit of trimming with a razor to the drawer face on the back. I had to trim off the little hump in the center. Can’t beat the egg for quick free delivery.

Lightscribe and ram now $31.00 delivered in 3 days.