Liteon 160p6s: enclosure best firewire chip is

… is Prolific 3507 as it is for BenQ, or with LiteOn it is better a Oxford911 (not 911+, i can´t find it here), or an Initio (both of them in tandem with Cypress AT2 for usb, which i will anyway use only for upgrade firmware)???
I can now choose the three of them… so…
THANKS :slight_smile:

Tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow ( :eek: seems a moovie!) I will have to choose…
Any suggestion? :slight_smile:

I would go with the Prolific chipset. :iagree:

Thank you Bryan!
So, Prolific to position number 1…
And, in case the guy tell me he was not able to find a prolific, and I must choose between an Oxford 911 or an Initio (the first into a Bafo or a Nspire enclosure, the second into a Macally enclosure. So, apart for chips which I do not know, the second is a more renowed brand)? :doh: