Liteon 160P6s and 165P6s, Hardware Identical?

Hi Guys, not sure if it has been answered before, but are Liteon’s 160p6s and 165p6s’s hardware identical? The only different between them are the RAM support. I know Pioneer 11x and NEC 3550/4550 are hardware identical with similar difference on the RAM part, not sure about Lite-ON.

If so, is there any tools that can crossflash them?

Sorry if this has been answered before. I couldn’t find the answer here.

Yes you are correct it’s been answered lots of times before. Since you are new to the forum I will answer your question. Yes the 160P6S and the 165P6S are the same drives, but with out Ram support on the 160P6s, in theory yes you could flash it to a 165P6S but why do it? If you want Ram support just buy the 165P6S. I don’t know of any tools to cross flash it but you might find some with Google. I brought both so I don’t need to cross flash it.

If I’m not wrong, becomes 160P6S a 165P6S that has failed RAM test.

Yes you are not wrong and partly correct mognegna!!! Some 160P6S did fail the Ram test, but a lot of them were also made for the OEM market and just had the Ram disabled. The difficult part is to tell the differeance which one failed the Ram test and with one had the Ram disabled. :slight_smile: