LiteOn 160P6S - $29 Shipped From Newegg


This most excellent burner is on sale at Newegg thru 10/24 for the great price of $29 shipped here:

Also, the retail version is only $2 more shipped. Same drive but includes faceplate for those of us with older beige cases. :o

These deals are just TOO good to pass up!

Too bad the retail version only has a crippled version of Nero instead of an actual working copy of Nero Burning ROM. But still, them drives is purdy! :slight_smile:

Good thing I have insomnia tonight/morning, would have missed this for my new system I’m putting together.

I have insomnia EVERY night. :slight_smile: I think it’s from all the Pepsi I used to drink as a kid.

I just realized this will be my first ever [B]non[/B]-Plextor drive! Next is a Benq 1655 depending how it compares to a Plextor, it’s hard to break away in an strange way. Feel’s like I’m cheating on them. :o


Hey, these new Lite-On’s are top-notch drives. I can’t imagine that you would not be happy with it.

And at these prices, how can we not be, right?


I hear you. I’m a Plextor fan from back around 1997. I still have a PlexWriter 24/10/40A that is still in service. It’s my best CD burner. For ripping and scanning though I like Lite-On drives.

I was a big Plextor fan until I started realizing their drives aren’t better than many others, but just cost a lot more. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought this drive a week or so ago from newegg, when it was $31 shipped. So far, so good! Burns graph out about the same as my Plex 716A, so I’m happy :slight_smile: