LiteOn 160P6s - $28 Shipped - One Day Sale


Newegg has the great 160P6s for $28 shipped here:

Great price for a Great burner IMO-eh!

How is this different/better/worse than the SHM-165H6S they had for $32.00 last week? Thanks

Last week’s model adds LightScribe and 5x RAM writing.

Good deal then for only $3.00 more.


I see 'em-

I post 'em-

It’s up to the individual to make their own buying decisions-eh!

(The 165H6s is currently $37 shipped)

I rather to pay few dollars more and get BenQ drive, experience show Lite-On drives are short in customers high satisfaction as they had with their CD writers.

As much as i love these drives (i have 4 of em) i think i’m going for a Samsung to round out the arsenal. :bigsmile:

Dont think it matters anymore since Lite-On owns them now.