LiteOn 160P6S - $28 Shipped From Newegg


Again - another great price at only $28 Shipped for a very good/reliable burner - weekend of 11/3 to 11/6/2006 here:

Great deal - thanks for posting it.

I got one a couple of weeks back when they were $31 shipped. Great burner! Even though I ordered OEM, they threw in the software discs. We love you newegg! :smiley:

Newegg’s OEM version of this drive comes with Nero & PowerDVD by default. Most CDFreaks fanatics probably have newer version of Nero though.

Anything between $28 to $31 is a bargain for this drive. A couple of weeks after I bought my OEM version for $30 the retail kit went on sale for $31. It would have been nice to have the extra beige panel for my older cases.

Thanks bigmike7.