LiteOn 1393S Opening with Media Player

I remember reading a post about this but can’t find it, as hard as I try.

Today I put a second writer in my PC, see subject, and all is well except when I try to open the writer it opens in Windows Media Player. I can click Explore and it opens as it should.

Anyone care to help a Newbie figure out how to correct this.

Yo Mudd-

What is a LiteOn 1393s???

What do you exactly mean by “Opening” in Media Player?


My fingers are old, make many mistakes. How about “1693S”, LiteOn DVD Writer. Just got it today. When I double click the icon for the Unit it opens the Windows Media Player. If I right click and select Explore it opens the material on the disk. I’m also using it with CD for storage of programs, jpeg, etc. So rather than opening like the other writer NEC, it goes to the WMP.

I’m also looking for driver and/or firmware. LiteOn URL gives “Microsoft Drivers” as the drivers. Firmware is not listed. The nearest things is the 1673, so maybe it’s not out yet. I think the writer is rather new.

Something needs to be done as it won’t write with “Disk to Disk” on the CloneDVD2. Seems as it’s only living with minimum driver and firmware.

These are the things I have found so far as it’s only been installed for two hours or so.

I’m asking for help here as I’m completely lost being a newbie and an old man.

Apologize for the error. I checked the post over several time for errors and still missed that.


Yo Mudd-

I also have a LiteOn 1693s installed with a NEC 3500 on my “Movie Burning” computer (believe that I was the one that advised you get it last week) and gave a link to Newegg-

First off - do you have Nero 6? If you do then go to the “Extras” in the DVD section and select “Get System Info” - click on that and report back what it says for both drives in the upper right hand section-

Go to the “Optical Drives Forum” and down to “LiteOn and Sony Drives” and do some reading in there-

See yall back here in a while - eh?


Yes it was you. I remember the name now. I corrected my problem just before I read your post. It seems when I opened my Computer and click the LiteOn icon it opened correctly. The shortcut on my desktop was the culprit. I deleted it and made another and all is fine.

Everything seems just fine. I see the DVD went down $1 since I ordered. No biggie.They shipped it from Calif. on the evening of 11 July and it arrived the morning of 13 July. That’s good service.

So far it does what I expected. I’m such an amateur that I wouldn’t know if it was not working right!!! I searched for drivers on LiteOn page and it said “windows Drivers” and went then for a Firmware update and they stopped at 1673 so suppose they haven’t seen the need yet. Another friendly poster gave me a lot of good information, something about Omni----- and I found it and read up. I’m leery about this as I don’t want to void the warranty and all this flashing and other good stuff scares me as I’m sure I’ll do wrong.

I’m grateful to you for the heads-up on the writer. Looks great in my Dell black system.

I think I mentioned somewhere back that I’m a very old man and all this is confusing to me and always will be. It does copy well from LiteOn to NEC and you were right, no getting up to change the disk.

Really appreciate your reply.


Yo Walt-

You are wise in not messing with firmwares just yet - prove out the drive (you’ve only had it for a couple of days) - and then you should go to the official LiteOn site here:

to download the latest firmware for the drive-


Thanks Mike. Will follow your advice.