Liteon 12x maybe flashed it bad

2 weeks ago or so i flash my liteon12x with some new firmware, but now when i try to burn it starts okay, but about halfway done it stops, no error messages. Is there a way i can flash some other firmware on it again. i downloaded some other firmware from liteon’s site, but i can flash it again because it say that i the firmware im using is not supported.

the firmware i updated to is LTR-12101B
and it doesnt work know i would like to flash this one it to it

please help

Got a similar problem with the new firmware and WinOnCD 3.8. Turned off the DMA for the drive (Master on sec. IDE) like roxio recommends. So it works again. Hope that liteon soon delivers a better version (this one they took from the dl page some days ago). Don’t use the fw from another drive. So far that I know the 12102 has an completely other chipset.

thanx very much ill try to do that

again thank you