LITEON 124/234/324/524/624... help! my brain explodes

A temporary sticky thread or at least a non-stick thread about the new LITEON 24x models and its exact differences and features would be really helpful for many visitors I guess. LITEON released a brochure a few weeks ago naming the 324, 524 and 624 if I remember correctly. But now there are drives like the 124. No idea if a 234 exists. It’s totally confusing at the moment. It would also be a great place to enter the hopefully soon to be confirmed chipsets of every model. Since many are unsure and sometimes write wrong info - like I did for example yesterday - it would only make sense if the hardcore LITEON experts and the mods would watch the thread closely for mistakes.

There has always been a trend for the naming convention, but there seems to be more with the iHAS/P-series due to different features. Here’s a breakdown of the 24x drives, current or future.

iHAS124 = baseline model
iHAS224 = 124 + LightScribe
iHAS324 = 124 + SmartErase
iHAS424 = 124 + LightScribe + SmartErase (or = 224 + SmartErase)
iHAS524 = 124 + LabelTag + SmartErase
iHAS624 = 124 + LabelTag + LightScribe + SmartErase (or = 524 + LightScribe)

PATA (could be more models, but not found by searching yet)
iHAP124 = baseline model
iHAP424 = 124 + LightScribe + SmartErase
iHAP624 = 124 + LabelTag + LightScribe + SmartErase

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Great overview! It’s just the list that I think that will be used for a reference for weeks and weeks to come by a zillion of LITEON interested members/visitors. Many thanks!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Now only the chipset information are the last step to reach the goal. May users (and me too copy), repost and add info to your list?

I could start with adding the fully confirmed information that the iHAS324 uses the “MEDIATEK MT1879E” chipset.

These are the chipsets that “should” go with the 24x models.
MT1879E : iHAS124, iHAS324, iHAS524
MT1879LE : iHAS224, iHAS424, iHAS624
MT1878E : iHAP124
MT1878LE : iHAP424, iHAP624

I’ve been tracking the drives since the 20x series and the spreadsheet is growing.

What happened to the good ole days of:
Liteon 52x32x52???

[B]KTL[/B]: So great! Thank you so much for the many details! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

[B]pfloyd1[/B]: Yeah, exactly. Plus I can’t stop laughing. That was funny. :iagree: :slight_smile:

Any news on the release date for the LiteOn iHAS624 ?

KTL, brilliant job, that’s very useful! Thank you! :flower:

I think it would be a good idea if a Mod can add this info in the FAQ thread.

[I]anikk,[/I] thanks for posting this thread, and thanks to each of the contributors for your input. I’ve been looking for all this information for several days and this pretty well answered my questions. :cool:

Just a little update regarding the LiteOn iHAS 124-04 Y models for anyone interested…

Opened up mine and it has the Chinese made NEC MC-10045 chipset in it, which appears to be the same chipset that the Sony Optiarc AD7240S uses.

This particular drive was manufactured in China in Sept '09, and the firmware is BL0W.

Just a little more on this,i have Liteon iHAS 324-98 Y retail drive have not installed yet because i only have one sata power connector.this the first sata drive for me and i assume it is a nec chipset

So, is the iHAS224-06 still a MediaTek drive?

Are the DH-24AAS models from Lite-On and MSI MediaTek drives?

[QUOTE=negritude;2473467]So, is the iHAS224-06 still a MediaTek drive?

Are the DH-24AAS models from Lite-On and MSI MediaTek drives?[/QUOTE]

I know that the IHAS x24-98 (y)is the same as Sony Optiarc AD7240S.
I think The -04 is also Sony Optiarc.
What about the -06? I can’t seem to find out which these OEM drives are.
Are they the same as -08 or the -98?
The drives are already getting hard to find. I don’t want to have to pay the price of retail when a OEM is just fine with me.
I wish someone could straighten this out for me.

As a side note. I got the IHAS324-98 drive. I think it is the best burner I have had. It burns at 16x with no problem.

However I want a drive that I can use Codekings patched firmware in. I have been using his firmware for a long time. He has done a great service to us all.:iagree::clap:

So far, I’ve found a way to identify whether it has a MTK or NEC chipset by pictures, if available. The “-0x,” “-3x,” or “-9x” extensions are inaccurate indicators, only the letter after these, whether ‘A’ or ‘Y’ will be the true identification.

I’ve checked against my two MTK- and two NEC-based drives and these pictures are accurate. In the first picture, if the SATA connector has some metal content, then it’s likely MTK, otherwise, NEC. In the second picture, the bottom case will also indicate which drive it is.

For picture reference, the MTK drive is iHAS524-32 A while NEC drive is iHAS424-98 Y.

Of course, for LO drives, it’s just easy to look at the label. However, for rebadges like Asus, AOpen, Gear Head, Gigabyte, HP, Imation, Plextor, etc. where the label will indicate the actual drive model, the quickest way to differentiate is look at the SATA connector, assuming it’s consistent.

Oh, that’s it. This post is the key thing.

I can’t believe that we would have been able to see what we need to know all the time.

KTL: :bow: :bow: :bow:

One indicator you can look for (provided you can look at the box in the case of retail drives) with the IHASx24-xx series of drives is the SmartErase feature. If the drive has it there’ll be mention of it on the box. If a drive has it then it’s an MTK-based drive. If it doesn’t have SmartErase it’ll be an NEC-based drive.

Another indicator is the face-plate on the bare drive. If you see the Lite-On and the SmartErase logos you’re looking at an MTK-based drive. If those logos are missing, it’s an NEC-based one.

And finally, just to muddy the waters a bit, my IHAS424-08 MTK-based drive’s SATA connectors look more like the NEC’s in KTL’s pic above rather than the one on KTL’s MTK drive. Furthermore, my drive’s ‘top’ looks nothing like either of KTL’s drives.

Are you sure about that? The x24 part denotes the features. Let’s take the

[B]“iHAS424-xx Y”[/B]

as an example. This drive does exist since KTL has one. I’m almost 100% sure that KTL’s “iHAS424-98 Y” just has as much SmartErase as an “iHAS424-xx A” drive has.

And the top: I would guess that it’s not the overall design that counts but those one vs. two little squares at the bottom part. Those must be there in same way I would say. No matter what the overall design is.

Thanks For The Help. The pictures that I was looking at: the 08, 06, 04 had the two metal bumps at sata connector. the 98 did not. On the front of the drives the IHAS 424-08 had The smart burn and lightscribe and Liteon Logo, The others did not. They don’t show the labels of course. That would be to easy.
I guess they don’t want you to know what is what.
Beets any dad burn thing I ever saw.

Apart from recent discussion, a list that recaps the thread for making things easier:

iHAS124-xx A | – -- – | orig. design (MT1879E)
iHAS124-xx Y | – -- – | AD-7240S (NEC MC-10045)

iHAS224-xx A | LS – -- | orig. design (MT1879LE)
iHAS224-xx Y | LS – -- | AD-7241S (NEC MC-10045)

iHAS324-xx A | – -- SE | orig. design (MT1879E)
iHAS324-xx Y | – -- SE | AD-7240S (NEC MC-10045)

iHAS424-xx A | LS – SE | orig. design (MT1879LE)
iHAS424-xx Y | LS – SE | AD-7241S (MC-10045)

iHAS524-xx A | – LT SE | orig. design (MT1879E)

iHAS624-xx A | LS LT SE | orig. design (MT1879LE)

LS=LightScribe, LT=LabelTag, SE=SmartErase

Tons of error reporting and imporvement please! It helps us all.

Actually, what I showed were the [B]bottom[/B] of the drives, since the tops look the same. Like I said, if there were any consistency in this deduction method, then it would follow this logic. I can only speak from the drives I have. There will always be deviations, so it’s not fool-proof.

No, none of the NEC-Y series has SmartErase since the chipset doesn’t support it, and there is no SE logo on the faceplate.