LiteOn 1213S retail for $90



At .
This drive will bottom out at about $80 in a couple weeks when the 16x drive is released

You can buy this then flash/upgrade to the 16x for free.

Beware, these drives are not producing good burns at 8x and above.


:eek: :eek: :eek: This is $30 less than what I paid for my 451S!

You can’t imagine just how tempted I am to add that to my cart right now…


Okay, I did it.

Now watch me chicken out and cancel my order. :wink:


Ain’t will-power an awesome thing? :iagree:


Since when does Newegg ship on Sundays? I got an e-mail this afternoon saying that my 1213S has shipped. So much for getting cold feet and cancelling that order! Hehe.


Hot damn! $88 now…


Of COURSE they don’t do good burns at 8x and above. No drive does!

If you do a little simple math you’ll realize that people can’t actually reliably deliver that much data that quickly over their IDE bus… hell, systems in the 1.5-2.0Ghz range can’t reliably deliver 4x to their drives!

  • Gurm


My puny 1.2 GHz Celeron box just burned a 4x disc oversped to 12x with acceptable quality. It ain’t impossible. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not that your processor has anything to do with burning speed. :rolleyes:


Nothing at all. I was merely making a “system class” observation.

And I utterly fail to believe that a system sporting a Celeron 1.2Ghz chip could deliver 12x sustained. That would mean that your machine would need to be capable of delivering a SUSTAINED 17MB per second. The latest and greatest drives can, in fact, do this. But until just recently, that was a pretty hefty order. First time windows decided to do something in the background, you’d be hitting Smart-Burn. Move the mouse? Smart-Burn kicks in. :slight_smile:

I’m not saying you couldn’t do it. A well-tweaked machine, sure. The average machine of the average user running a mid-range chip and chipset… not gonna happen.

  • Gurm


Well, believe it, buster. :stuck_out_tongue: And I was browsing CDF during the burn, too. :slight_smile: Not one buffer underrun.

And you do you realize that the whole point of DMA is that it leaves the processor pretty much out of the loop, right? With a good hard drive and good IDE controller, you can do wonders.


CPU power, or lack of it, has nothing to do with IDE bus speeds. A 400MHz P-II can burn DVD speeds with the right HD’s.


I know that CPU speed has nothing to do with it. However, PII motherboards didn’t have IDE controllers capable of running fast enough to deliver those speeds.


Also, I’d be interested to know what chipset and hard drive you are using, on a Celeron 1.2ghz box, to get a sustained 34MB/sec. (17MB/sec. from the HDD and to the CD) across the IDE bus?

  • Gurm the Cynical Realist


It’s called a Promise PCI card, but ATA33 is also fast enough. All burners are ATA33


Use dual Xeon running at 800MHz FSB and you’ll see all four logical processors using 10% to 50% of each processing power while watching multiple HD video at 1920x1080 resolution and writing to multiple DVD disks at 12x speed. Even my Prestonia running at 2.6GHz and 533MHz FSB were running them so smoothly. Some of the HDD disks connected were doing all kinds of jobs at the same time. Why can’t VIA make chipsets for dual Xeon processors?


One Day Sale - $86 free shipping.


Costco has both internal and external drives. Interal 1213s is $80 and external 1213SX is $120.


Anyone knows about sites which will ship this writer to india.?
b’cause this model is not available here.!


cough the 1213 is ATA66…lol :stuck_out_tongue: and ive seen some low bandwith pci issues due to sharing irqs cause problems with sustained transfers.