LiteON 1213S and BookType change

Hello all, I´m very new to this, I just bought my DVD+/-RW drive last week and started reading on this forum. I started this thread to ask you what I may be doing wrong when I try to change the bit setting of my drive from dvd+r to dvd-rom. I´m using software BIT SETTING UTILITY V1.3.3. First thing I do is insert an empry dvd+r disk (Memorex +R 8x brand) on the drive, then, I opend the program and it query, then, I changed the booktype from dvd+r to dvd-rom and it CHANGE. After that I open Win dvd creator and burnt a movie. After it finished it ejected the disc from the drive, then i switched back to the program I had minimized and nothing changed there, the write now option is not enabled, so I load the brunt disk into the drive and then the program shows Current Disk Type: DVD+R. Current Disk BookType: DVD-ROM. Changed BookType to: DVD-ROM.

I was told that all fields had to say: DVD-ROM. What could be wrong?

Please Help. Thanks

click on “query” at that time !

sorry if I didnt understand, but , at what time should I click query? because I already did when the disc was ejectec from drive and loaded into the drive again.

this is what you should get if your dvd +R has been correctly changed to dvdrom