Liteon 12102b -> SD2.51 or not?


I have read that the Liteon 12102b can read/write SD2.51 on some sites and the opposite on others. Can someone please confirm whether this drive can or can’t, please?


I dont know about the drive you mentioned. But try using ClonyXXL to scan bad sectors on a SD2.51 ‘original’ protected disc and try amplifying the bad sector, it works if drive can. :slight_smile:

I thought AWS was for drives that can’t write SD2.51 perfectly. To me AWS is like a ‘software’ patch.

A drive that can write SD2.51 should NOT need AWS.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

your drive should be able to read and write SD2 all versions with no issues. Do not I repeat DO NOT! use AWS or you will get a coaster.

Are you sure that burning SD2.51 with a SD2.51 capable drive and having AWS enabled will cause a coaster?

Running AWS on a Lite_on bunner tht does correct EMF will cause a coaster. Flat out

Originally posted by Noxcyber
Running AWS on a Lite_on bunner tht does correct EMF will cause a coaster. Flat out

Not on my Ltr-24102B. Whilst I have AWS disabled since it isn’t necessary, it worked perfectly well in making safedisc 2 back-ups when I had AWS enabled. Still, if your burner supports correct EFM encoding, I would recommend disabling AWS.

It was as Noxcyber said before CloneCD
The other versions had a bug that enabled AWS if you choose automatic. You shouldn’t be able to enable AWS with EFM compatible drives, but if you in some way manage to do just that, you should get a coaster. As I see Nox said… In a way… :slight_smile:

Why the hell should you get a “coaster” when enabling AWS with a drive that can properly handle weak sectors? There’s absolutely no reason for this.

AWS manipulates weak sectors in a way so that many more writers can write them, nothing more. There cannot be any connection between “AWS-coasters” and “drives that can write weak sectors without AWS.”

Note: I don’t use EFM-terms because they’re nonsense in connection with SD2. Read the file ecma-130.pdf (I think…) to get further information on EFM-encoding.

Enabling AWS or setting it to default caused a coaster before CloneCD Do not ask me why, but I know, cause I tried it, and many others too. Things differ from theory to life… :slight_smile:

LTR-12102B could do SD 2/2.51 without aws enabled.

Thanks all, esp OC-Freak for this and other response.