Liteon 1107HC1 DVD+R playback


Yes I admit it, I’m a newbie to DVD-R recording. I posted these on one of the big boy forums recently and so far none of those “experts” have responded. I’m either being ignored for asking such stupid questions, or I’ve stumped everybody! Hmmm… I don’t ask stupid questions. Anyway, I’m an avid music & film collector. I’ve been recording & trading live audio recordings worldwide for many years and have diligently learned the proper way to treat a .wav file, edit it, and master it to cd-r. But DVD-R is a new animal to me. I hope some kind soul will take pity on me and lead me to DVD-R enlightenment. Here’s the first of many intelligent questions to come.

I recorded a +R disc on this recorder and it plays back fine (Philips brand)
I’m also able to play the 2 -R discs that I’ve received ( Maxell & K Hypermedia
I also have +R recordings on verbatim & tdk media that playback fine.

I have 4 +R Fujifilm discs recorded by the same person, 1 plays, 3 won’t?
I have 8 +R Sony discs recorded by the same person above, 2 play, 6 don’t?
Above recorded on a Panasonic stand alone.

The ones that don’t play display as follows: reading/+R AV2 rear/reading/ title/chapter/reading/+R AV rear. Then the display goes blank and the discs don’t auto load and begin to play. If I select menu, I can see and select the titles, but when I press play, nothing happens. These Sony & Fuji discs will all play in my Sony, Apex, (older models) and Pioneer (new multi -format) DVD/CD players, which indicates to me that they were all finalized… Sheesh! I’m confused.

Tempermental machine/media? Some difference in the way the players vs. non players were recorded? Anyone want to have a go?

Question # 2

I recorded adding chapters manually and all the chapters are accessible on playback in the LITEON recorder. However, when I playback on my Apex, Sony and Pioneer decks, the chapters are not there. Can someone possibly explain why?


a quick mooch around google shows some people have found that this machine is a bit picky about what video size it will accept.
You could try upgrading the firmware to the latest here (it’s at the bottom of the page) and see if that helps.

Hi Thanks for the reply, I’m afraid I don’t get how it relates to my post though? What do you mean by video size?


Sorry, by size I mean video resolution.
Your recorder has set resolutions it will record to, but it looks like if you try to play a dvd back that is not in one of the supported resolutions then it won’t play.

Hope that’s clearer :slight_smile:

I would suggest that if you have a PC DVDwriter you post a scan of the non-playing discs using nero CD/DVDspeed. Cd/DVDspeed is available for free, seperate from nero.

Be aware that standalone recorders don’t seem to use any standard for authoring. They record a stream (or multiple streams/programs) in a large continuous stream & then use a brand (and possibly recorder) specific patch-up at the end of the disc to indicate chapters & video streams.

Unfortunately, my brother has a similar issue with programs he’s recorded from TV, and then goes back to add chapters (and, to remove commercials).

The recorder recognises the chapters & video streams, but no other player (or PC) recognises the chaptering & plays the video stream from start to finish as if it was a single unbroken video stream, commercials included.

Thanks for the insights. I suppose a way around this would be to record multiple titles, rather than multiple chapters within a title.