Lite0n EZ-DUB burning difficulties

Hi ,Ive just bought a liteon ez-dub burner for burning movies (avi files) but its taking way too long. Im using dvdflick and its taken 3 hours just to encode the video, does anyone know what the problem is, also anyone familiar with the ez-dub process and how it works, thanks but this is really driving me crazy!

If you are using DVDFlick, you are converting avi files to dvd-video, which does take some time, depending primarily on the speed of your cpu. If you are converting from files[B] on[/B] the optical drive this will slow down the process unnecessarily.

The best way to process avi to dvd-video is to use two separate hard drives. Have the original avi file on one, then have DVDFlick output to the second one. Once finished, you burn to an optical disk if you want a hard copy. If this is not possible (say you only have 1 hdd), then do all of the conversion on that hard drive…but don’t involve the optical drive until the last step, which is the actual burn to the disk.