Lite SOHW-1693A Vs Pioneer DVR-109

Hi, Can anyone tell me the pros & cons between the 2 besides the 109 is 6x +/- DL and about %20 cheaper at the moment
the last 2 DVD drives I’ve bought have been liteons they have been good, but whats the 109 like ie laser/speed locked, can copy safedisc 1-3? etc

At first you can search “pioneer forum” for some opinion.
At second you can search and compare some reviews about these models in Internet.-At third what do you expect support every user in Liteon forum ?

I did do a search & been to the pioneer forum basically all I hear about is firmware.
And not all people are die hard single liteon people especially from their last year or two.
All I was asking is some obvective views against poineer compared to the 1693 liteon so it will help me decide which one to buy

the newist drive around here is the 1673 which seems to be an improvement on the ealier 16X liteons, the 109 is having teething troubles and probebly can`t handle safe disc. so i given your choises i would chouse the liteon.

thanks ako
the 1693S is similar but now supports DL -R @ 4x it was released a month or two ago IIRC

the 1693S wasn’t released yet…

I dont know where you live but in Australia its been out at least a month
this is from 1 supplier
about 2 pages down
LiteOn SOHW-1693S SOHW-1693S Dual Layer ± DVD 16x Burner 44x24x48x16 Combo CDRW $117.20

  1. i live in germany
  2. the link isn’t working
  3. the drive wasn’t even released in taiwan, i doubt that it’s already sold in australia.
  4. my uncle lives in melbourne, no computer shop there has a 1693s…

thats odd the link was working ok last night, but its not working now. but i can confirm that they do have the drive on the list. and smee2 was not imagening it :iagree:

the shop only wanted to show off with that drive… :slight_smile:

Do you know one who actually has one?

Another thing to consider, I’m pretty sure the pioneer isn’t capable of booktyping DVD+R to DVD-ROM.

it is using the Buffalo firmware.

Sorry mate i do live in OZ too…but in sydney …

mm is odd because its no offical release yet…only on paper…

but if it is release … i will be impress…cause thats very fast for OZ…