Lite-On's website has been hacked

I just posted the article Lite-On’s website has been hacked.

Interceptor used our newssubmit to tell us it looks like someone named Coolswallow from a group called Javaphile! has hacked and defaced the LiteOn site.

On the site the following statement…

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Question: My site has been hacked how can I become much more secure? Answer: Start using Apache instead of IIS :4

Well, it’s hardly Lite-On’s fault! Couldn’t the hackers pick on someone else? LiteOn are the best!

F*ck those Chinese commies…….Free Tibet, Free Taiwan. Stop the oppression of the Chinese people by a corrupt and stalinist party. Freedom to tha people……

Taiwan is a country, a nation.

I noticed it to, wasnt sure if it was just me though. You can still browse lite-on’s site, you just have to start off at a different page instead of their main page( Search google.

It´s fake, the liteon site is:

Yes that is the liteon site, but is also a valid address since its the one on the sticker on the front of my drive! However, I did have to press CTRL+F5 to get a new copy to see it, since the Liteon site had been cached by my ISP.

Yea, on the front of the drives it says

As you see, following that URL will also give you a hacked page. Beware that users that surfed in hours after we posted this news might find the original page back…

I just checked its still defaced. I did originally report a new firmware was available too the owners of the Lite-on 32x write, but the fact the site had been hacked has placed more importance on the matter. Greets from The Diplomat :8

Anyone emailed the address at the bottom of the defaced lite-on web site?

ANyone want to c the defaced site…? Go to this link: Can anyone answer my forum question at the end of the review of the Lite-On LTR-32123S please? Thkz in advanche! Bounce