Lite-On's New HD-A760GX

This machine is the same as the HD-A740GX
but with a 250 GB hard drive.
I would be interested in hearing from anyone
owning one of these, such as quality of burns,
what drive Lite-On is using in this machine, etc.
I’ve ordered one, which will be delivered 13 July.
I could not find reference in the manual but
I now know the tuner is mono, not stereo
(I called Lite-On).

So far I really like this machine.
I worked around the mono tuner
by using a stereo VCR’s tuner.
I’d still like to know which drive
is inside.


Any issues with broadcast copy protection flag? I had a 5045 and could copy anything from my “on demand” and am hoping to be able to do the same with the newer unit. Unfortunately my 5045 is dead.


The owners manual says you could run into that problem.
So far, I have not had any of my programs be protected.
I’d guess you might see that with the Super Bowl,
and maybe certain pay for view on cable…
I did have to hack the firmware before I could copy
an old VHS movie that was protected with Macrovision.
So far, I like the machine a lot. It would have been better
with a stereo tuner, but running it through a stereo VCR
was an easy fix.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Coming from the 5045 I guess I could say that I’m used to the Mono tuner, but I still don’t like it. I have digital cable so I passed the audio from the cable box to the dvr and that solved the problem for me.


I have the Liteon 5115 GHC+ and it CANNOT copy from On Demad and this really pisses me off. Is there any way to disable this feature? a hack or something?


I ran the Ilo hack on my the 5045 firmware, I don’t know if it will work for the 5115 GHC+ though.

Ilo hack cam be found here…

Good luck

It worked for my A760GX :bigsmile:

Edit: It removed the Macrovision protection
so I could copy one of my old VHS movies.

Hey Chuck, do you know if the hack will allow to record copy protected broadcasts?

No, sorry but I don’t know. It might depend on
whether those broadcasts use Macrovision…

i have a 760gx ilike the machine, i tried to copy my starwars VHS no go, that sucks, is the a bin to fix that?
pm you want to


Download the latest firmware here.
Be sure to click the link for instructions and print them.
Then go look through this thread and get the hacker
and run it on the new firmware, then follow the
instructions you printed and update the firmware
using the new hacked copy.
Sounds complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy. :slight_smile:

I’m looking to purchase this machine, but have one question. Is it possible to transfer hard disc recordings to a PC other than recording to DVD?

Unfortunately discs are the only way to get things off the hard drive, but if you use DVDRW’s you wont be wasting anything. As for the Machine it has Stereo Tuner for the UK region, just not NSTC.

I just got a 740. When I try to copy a Disney movie I get a copy protected message Is the hack you referred to the fix for this. If it doesn’t work will it mess up my machine. It’s new and I would hate to screw it up already. Thanks
Ron McKaskle
I forgot to say the movie I want to copy is VHS

Here’s an update for anyone that is interested; this still works for the 760GX on the latest firmware LNPB028.
I successfully patched a new 028 UK box using ilohacker.

I unticked LP record mode and region free, as these are not necessary - change region using remote control hack.

Once uploaded to the box, you need to change the language - it defaults to German or something, and reapply all your custom settings. I was then able to record VHS through UHF on the back. I haven’t tried AV in yet, but for VHS, the UHF is good enough.

Hope this helps someone.

It should work, but some folks have reported
no improvement.
If done properly it should not hurt your machine.
But, it will void your warranty.

i’ve got the a760gx and want to back up my copyrighted dvds. is there a fix for this

No, other than buying a piece of hardware that
you hook up between your player and recorder.
I use the drives in my computer for backing up movies.