Hi have just found your forum and have just bought a LTR40125W I have down loaded Nero info tool and it says what the drive is corectly but it says it is only a 40X read and 4X write

Drive : LITE-ON LTR-40125W
Type : CD-RW Recorder
Firmware Version : WS05
Buffer Size : 1984 KB
Date : ?
Serial Number : ?
Drive Letter : D:
Location : 0:1
Mechanism : Tray
Read Speed (Max.) : 40 X
Write Speed (Max.) : 4 X

Help Please Steve:confused:

:wink: HI flashed it with firm ware version WS05 same as what was in it from Lite-on seems to be ok now!! how do I over clock it now please

Your media cd-rw in liton is 4x. I’m sorry for my english.

please visit the LITE-ON forum or use the search function

:smiley: jorgvill is right.

All it depends on what media you put into the tray.
Like at that point of time you probably had 4x CDR(W) in the drive,
that’s why Nero Info Tool had defined it as it was.
Perfect work, nothing to worry about.
Just try another CDR and you’ll see the difference :wink:

Have you tried another one yet ?