Lite-On XJ-HD166 doesn't read blank disks

Hi there. My DVD drive doesn’t read blank disks DVD+R. I am running XP SP3. When I go to My Computer, it says there is no disk in the drive. When I right click, it doesn’t give me the option to format.
Luckily I have another PC, running Win 7. When I insert he same disk, it shows rightaway. And left clicking on the drive, gives me the option to format.
I noticed on your forum there is a settings utility for LiteOn DVD drives. Would it help to install it? Does anyone have any experience with this program?
Thanks in advance for your tips.

You are joking aren’t you ?

The 166 is a dvd-rom and not a dvd-writer !

I think it isn’t able to read blank disks…and i think this is pretty normal for a dvd-rom.

Even a dvd burner isnt able TO READ blank discs.
It is just able to recognize them, reading is only useful within data on the media…

Sorry, my 166 is a writer. I have burned disks before, CD R, CD RW, DVD R, DVD RW.
Yes, I used the wrong term when I wrote ‘doesn’t read’. I meant 'recognize.

Wow, you must have a “magical” XJ-HD166 since it is listed as a READER only.

[QUOTE=KTL;2556169]Wow, you must have a “magical” XJ-HD166 [/QUOTE]:iagree: Indeed, must be a really magic device. No, I don’t want to search my own drive :smiley: