Lite-on writers

Sorry, I originally posted this in the wrong place.

I am looking at the sohw 812sx and the ldw 851sx models and trying to fogure out the difference between the two. I see that the 812 writes at 8x for dvd-r while the 851 is at 4x. Which one is the newest model and which one would be a better choice? Thanks

Me, I should have the 832 in my hands tomorrow. I looked at others, but for $75 at Newegg, I couldn’t pass it up. My local Best Try had it for $169.

I would check out reviews on the drives and see what you think might fit your needs best.

Definitely the 812S over the 851S. For the small difference in price you get the later chipset, that supports 8x -R, and it upgrades well to 832S if you want dual layer burning capabilities. 812S is the newer model of the two.

Thanks, that is what i was looking for. Going to go return the 851 and get the 812.