Lite-on with Vista LH-16A1P

I have just recently upgraded to Windows Vista Home premium. All was working ok until suddenly my CD drive stopped working. i have installed all updates, updated the drivers but it is still saying the following:

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

Is anyone having similar problems with Lite-on DVD drives or windows vista? please help ive tried everything


this article applies to windows xp on same issue, it might also work for vista give it a try , to another issue, i think its best to wait til service pack 1 before using vista on daily basis its riddled with bugs and currently it have very low overall driver/software compatbility

This smells like the old upgrade problems

One program installs a filter driver that works fine on XP
Vista gets installed and breaks the program that uses the filter driver
Vista does not know how to remove the filter so keeps it in but it will not work as its not vista compliant.
Because the filter is not working Vista looses connction with the DVD drive.

With any change of O/S I always recomend a clean install, this way you reduce the problems that can be found doing an upgrade.

I use Vista and find it alot more stable and reliable than XP, even in its current form. Some programs are still having problems but most of the ones I use every day are fully compliant and I have yet to have it crash on me.