Lite On vs Yamaha

Down to 2 choices. Is the Yamaha F1 worth the extra $ for copying music as compared to the Lite On 48125? and just worth the extra $ in general. (I’ll be copying games and data too)



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With firmware VS08 having been improved as to reading protected audio, the Yamaha won’t offer much more than the liteon (unless you want Disct@2)

Get 2 LiteOn 48x drives for less than the Yami and enjoy! You will have 2 excellent audio rippers and 2 burners too.

The Lite On’s can’t read mediacloq protected disc’s. The Yamaha can. It seems that it is the only IDE drive that can read this audio protection. Also I thought Lite On still has problems with cds-100 and some CDS-200 disc’s.
The Yamaha can do CDS-100 and the CDS-200 disc’s that caused problems with the Lite On’s with earlier firmware’s.
Lite On might be good in copying games and might be fast in DAE.
So far my experience for protected audio disc’s is very bad.

Also the Yamaha is better build, has better support and produces better quality disc’s with most disc’s. (Okay not with TY but that seems to be the only exception.)

For LiteOn + protected audio, you need VS08. I know that VS06 and olders can read neither CDS200 nor K2A V2.

No idea about mediacloq.

I own the Yamaha F1. I am extreamly happy with it so far. However for the Price difference (paid $150us) I could have bought 3 Litey’s… :confused: .

As mentioned above, If your needs are not extreamly Musical, Buy the Litey. The Yamaha is 1 sheep most of the Lite-on’s are 2 sheep

I was under the impression protected audio CDs weren’t very widespread at all in north america? I believe it has also been confirmed that with VS08 the 48125W can actually handle some audio protections.

I don’t own a Yamaha, so I can’t compare them myself, I can only say, the Liteon has so far been the best burner I’ve ever used. I’m quite sure that depending on your budget, whether you pick Liteon or Yamaha, you will probably not end up disappointed :slight_smile:

when dakhaas said

(Okay not with TY but that seems to be the only exception.)
is that true?

I had problems with my F1 with just audio cds using fuljifilms. I did just fine on the same discs for disc t@2 and data cds. Im about to send it to yamaha when i get the chance.

I am so confused witht his drive.:confused:

Fuji is rebranded Taiyo Yuden in many cases.

yeah im know, im using those

For first time buyers, the Yamaha comes with full versions of software (Nero, MusicMatch Jukebox, etc…). I saw it for $109 after rebate at Getting the full versions of this software narrows the price gap.

My liteon came with Nero as well… not too sure how useful musicmatch is (I got it included with my RCA MP3 CD Player, didnt bother installing it) it seems to come bundled with a lot of stuff, so I doubt it’s adding much to prices.

Sorry, but LiteOn only bundles the oem version of Nero with their drives. The full version will cost ya. I just think we should give them credit for including the full versions.

I agree, MusicMatch is not such a big deal, but if audio is your main thing (along with fast cdrw writing), the Yamaha is highly regarded (especially if you can pick it up for $109).

I have a 40125S that I paid $69. It’s a great burner, no coasters yet, but I still think the Yamaha is an intriguing drive. Who’s that hard up that $100 will kill them? Yeah, $100 sounds like a lot of money, but not when you compare it with what most people are willing to spend on their pc today. It’s only recently that LiteOns can be had for $50 - $60. Let’s face it, we’re all pretty spoiled by with the bottom dropping out on these things.

I bought a 32123S when it first came out for $139. That was a good price at the time.

I got my Yamaha early on, so I paid a bit more. But so far I have not had a single coster (except for forgetting to add stuff to a CD I was creating).

My next drive will be the one that (hopefully) beats SecureRom 4. God willing :smiley:

Sorry, but LiteOn only bundles the oem version of Nero with their drives. The full version will cost ya

The difference between the LiteOn bundled Nero, and retail Nero is very small. Only a couple functions are lacking, like multi-burner support and some obscure optional settings. The software itself is identical apart from only supporting LiteOn drives.

I’m with you, the differences are pretty insignificant, but they are there. It kind of makes you feel like you didn’t get “the whole enchilada” I just wish all of these companies would bundle the full version.

Well, i never need much of an excuse to go spend money on software, so i already have the retail version. I think that some drive makers do whatever they can to cut costs and be competitive, so the stripped software is one result.
LiteOn rules, they still offer the most bang for the buck, and don’t try to bribe you with a bunch of worthless junk-ware.

Originally posted by Kafka45
Down to 2 choices. Is the Yamaha F1 worth the extra $ for copying music as compared to the Lite On 48125? and just worth the extra $ in general. (I’ll be copying games and data too)

I own neither and I’m in the same situation as you. Here’s what I’ve found about the two.

(Note: I’ve completely ruled out the 5th Generation of LiteONs; So it’s LiteOn 6th Gen VS Yamaha CRW-F1 Internal)

Oh, and I’m basing this on HARDWARE ONLY - not on the supplied software.

LiteOn 6th Generation:

[/li][li]Hacked fimware (48126S = 48246S = 52246S) =)
[/li][li]Big user base (Here! =) )
[/li][li]Frequently updated firmware
[/li][li]Reads protected discs well
[/li][li]"Drive writes regular bit patterns correctly. " - CloneCD for EFM-Encoding
[/li][li]Quieter than Yamaha


Yamaha CRW-F1

[li]Disc@2 (If you really need it - Remember: Loss of Data space)
[/li][li]Reads protected discs well
[/li][li]Write quality
[/li][li]‘Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording’ (No significant difference - may be good for older CD players)
[/li][li]Nice overburns
[/li][li]High presion of laser (as shown with Disc@2)
[/li][li]Cool LEDs

[li]CloneCD’s WWW says "Drive writes regular bit patterns almost correctly. " about EFM-Encoding
[/li][li]Relatively Expensive
[/li][li]Poor readings of “Bad”/scratched discs (see CDFreak’s review)
[/li][li]Bad speed steppings (44x down to 16x) - (Fix w/ f/w + OWSC disabled)
[/li][li]Not full-speed at 44x (42x with CD-Rs)
[/li][li]Not fully tweaked hardware
[/li][li]Noisier than LiteOn

If anyone has anything to add/correct please post (esp. owners of these drives). I’m also in the market and I’ve narrowed it down to these two drives. Thanks! =)

PS: It’ll be nice if CDFreaks could do a comprehensive review of a Liteon 6th Gen and compare it with the Yamaha. =P


Noisy (apparently - can someone confirm pls?)

Not noisy at all, one of the quietest drives I’ve owned. But this is relative.

Fully CAV

Of course it is, but only at full speed. CAV is slower below 48x, so they use P-CAV from 16x to 40x and Z-CAV from 4x to 16x.

With available consumer testing methods like CDSpeed you will not find any difference between a CDR that was burned by a Yami and one burned by a LiteOn.

as the owner of both drives, i would have to say the yamaha is louder than the liteon, but anything that is a high-speed burner is going to make some noise, you just get used to it.

The Yamaha has a cooler led that kind of glows accross the bottom of the drive, blue for reading, purple for writing.

The Advanced Audio Master Control r whatever its called seems to do its job well. I couldn’t here a difference. Its probably better for older cd systems that may have trouble with cd-r (yes i did have a cd player like that).

Both do overburn up to 99:59. Havem’t tried to go past that.

The yamaha os more expensive but i feel its worth it.

Also a simple firmware upgrade on the yamaha gives you 24x an 32x if you turn off optimum write speed control.

Never had a single coaster with liteon, burned over 300 discs with it so far.