Lite-on vs.cendyne

heard very good things about lite-on burners,what about cendyne.does anyone know if they are as good as lite-ons suppost to be? thanks for your answers.

Cendyne re-badges other makes of burners! THey use LiteOn,Mitsumi,AOpen and even a Verbatim rebadged LiteOn.
Staples has the 32x for under $50 after rebate.The LiteOn
serial# is 12 digits,all numbers.The Verb has 12 digits,both
numbers and letters.

The Cendyne are rebadged Lite-on’s.

Try here fore reviews:

Doesnt anybody ever manufacture there own stuff. Liteon makes them for Cendyne, I ve heard Cyberdrive and a few other ones that the liteon it corp makes.

I have 3 CenDyne 32/12/40 drives.1,is a Mitsumi 480ATE,2 is a
LiteOn,3 is an AOpen.They were all in CenDyne retail pack.Also,
like I said there is the(LiteOn)Verbatim.I have also heard of one
person getting an Acer.Unless you can open the box,or at least
see the serial number,you can’t be sure of what you get.About
80% of the drives from Office Max were LiteONs or Verbs.The current Staples drives are running about 80% AOpens.
I don’t care where you read they ARE LiteOn,I can show you
the proof!

To be certain you get a Lite-On, it’s safest to order a Lite-On… :smiley:

I agree.I do not rate LiteOn any higher than my Mitsumi though.
It may do SD2 better,but my Mitsumi has been flawless in the 200

  • burns!The big thing is I got my drives for $120,for all 3! I paid
    $140 for my Plex 40/12/40.Of course I had to have a black drive.