Lite-on vs. Buslink?

The local Best Buy has a Buslink 52x for $20.

Can someone tell me why I should buy a $50 Lite-on brand instead? I’ve heard Lite-on’s are better, but is the difference worth $30?


If the buslink says “Smart-Burn” on the box its a lite-on.


never heard of Bus-link…:rolleyes:

I don’t think Buslink sells drives in Europe…


yep i got the ‘buslink’ drive.

i too saw the ‘smart burn’ logo and immediately thought “LITEON! YAY!!!”

smug compusa ppl said ‘we dont sell liteons’


Just an FYI (and I just have to tell someone):

Re: the $20 BusLink 52x24x52

All of the Best Buy units here were JustLinks (JustLink bad :frowning: ). So were Staples’, Office Depot’s, and CompUSA’s (or they said Buffer underrun technology).

Strangely enough all of Circuit City’s units are SmartBurn (LiteOn good :bigsmile: :bigsmile: ). It took some juggling but I am now the (hopefully) proud owner of a LiteOn 52X.