Lite-On unveils the world's first 20x DVD writer, the LH-20A1P

I just posted the article Lite-On unveils the world’s first 20x DVD writer, the LH-20A1P.

Consumers who are looking at getting their hands on fastest DVD writer available will be happy to know that Lite-On has unveiled its first 20x DVD writer, which Lite-On also claims to be the…

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ahh…so maybe those of us who haven’t bought a 18x yet would also likely to hold out until the 20x come out…

When it´s on the sale?

i wait for the 21x :B

GSA-H12N, isn’t it faster than LH-20A1P?

Who cares. 1) There is no 20x media and if there were I wouldn’t trust it. 2) Only a complete moron bruns at those speeds anyway because they’re pushing the tolerances of both the media and the burner to the thin edge (and usually over) of reliability. 3) Because it’s the latest and greatest, you’ll pay a price premium for this all-but-useless “technology” I have a 16x burner. I burn at 8x. 'nuff said.

LOL there was no real need for any burners faster than 12x! 12x PCAV does the disc in under 6 minutes. 16x-18x20x have virtually no advantage over 12x. But you can’t just bring out a 12x writer and say its as fast as a 20x. too many dumbasses out there will go for the 20x. So from a companies perspective, they obviously have to match their competitors otherwise they’ll go out of business.

It should be good if a company releases a 20x drive that start at 20x and finish at 20x… :B BUT I’ll be also happy with 16x-20x :stuck_out_tongue: To have a drive that start at 6-8x and at the very end reach 20x is just marketing.

Unfortunately, its physically impossible to have the disc start burning a whole lot faster than 8x at the beginning merely because of physics. Note that angular velocity times the radius is linear velocity (aka, x MB/s). At the beginning of a burn, the radius is small (its near the inside of the disc). For simplicity’s sake, lets say that an angular velocity of 8+ radians/sec causes the disc to shatter, and that at the beginning of the burn the radius is 1 and at the end the radius is 2. Thus, when burning in CAV (Constant Angular Velocity - keep angular velocity the same), the linear velocity at the beginning of the burn is 8 rad/s * 1 (Radius) = 8x burning speed (Linear Velocity). At the end of a burn, the linear velocity is 8 * 2 = 16x. Note this is a dumbed down explanation. I made the numbers work out that way to make the problem easy to explain…in real life they are different. Anyway, this is the main reason why you cant burn a whole lot faster than 8x at the beginning of the disc. If you did, it would force the angular velocity too high, resulting in huge errors or a disc shatter.

those that really feel spending more money just to burn your disc 1 minute faster and induce possibly more errors is an idiot. Me 8x-12x is perfectly fine. It’s like the 52x CD media. Give me a break, howa about concentrating on making the burns less error-prone, or invest in better quality disc. But of course Lite-On cares nothing about quality. Their drives are horrendous.