Lite-On unveils its first LightScribe DVD writer



I just posted the article Lite-On unveils its first LightScribe DVD writer.

Lite-On has updated its website
with the specifications of the its first retail LightScribe DVD burner, the
SHW-16H5S. The read and write speed specifications of the drive are the same…

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I´m not sure whether LS have a sell-boost when more writers come out. Maybe the media shpuld be more avaible and cheaper


Lightscribe for cheap!


think LightScribe is that it writes labels on ya disc for ya insted of using a pen or i could be totally wrong lol.


I don’t like the idea of lightscribe. You are stuck with black. For one the media is expensive, and second you are wearing out your laser faster since it’s the same laser used for writing. I personally use inkjet printables, it comes to much cheaper in the end and provides better quality.


some technologies are just useless.