Lite-On to push HD-DVD and Blu-ray players in 2H

I just posted the article Lite-On to push HD-DVD and Blu-ray players in 2H.

DigiTimes news service is reporting that Lite-On
will make promotion of both blue laser format products, a high priority in the
second half of this year. They best hurry… it’s already here…

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am i missing something here? < $1000 for hd-dvd player is cheap while there are already $500 players?

The 500 dollar one is a stand alone this is a PC one but yea I do agree 1000 for it.

they call

Quote: “The 500 dollar one is a stand alone this is a PC one but yea I do agree 1000 for it.” Dr. Who, I think it is the other way round.:+ 500$ for the PC and 1000$ for the stand alone.

yes, but the real price is much more higher

Posterboy, The Toshiba HD-A1 is actually $500, and even around $400 if you look in the right places. This one is the first generation standalones from Toshiba. As far as this Lite-On one is concerned, since it’s Lite-On IT, we can probably safely assume that it’s for the PC, and has writing capabilities. So $1000 is about the going rate for these right now. But with more players entering the market, ala Lite-On, Pioneer, BenQ, etc., hopefully these prices will drop the to $300 within a year or so.
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Thanks lickwid for the clarifying that. You would think the PC one writeable or not would be cheaper that the standalone. Still 1000 for a HD writer…might as well get blue ray and be better off I think.

Maybe they are talking about a more high end HD-DVD player like the other model Toshiba release or was atleast supposed to release the same time the first player came out. That was supposed to be $1,000-$1,200. They might be talking about a burner but why didn’t they say that if they were? They just said player.

I guess some folks can’t read. It clearly says “player”, not recorder.

Price isn’t everything guys… At first these devices are way too expensive, but let’s wait a while, the prices will drop rapidly when a number of devices finally become available on large scale. Just look at DVD-recorders, same happended there. :wink: