Lite-On to manufacture external HD-DVD drives for Xbox360

I just posted the article Lite-On to manufacture external HD-DVD drives for Xbox360.

heard last week that it was possible that Lite-On would receive orders for the
external HD-DVD movie players for the Xbox 360. Now it appears that this is the
IT Corp…

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With these drives not shipping until the first quarter of 2007, it looks like getting one under the Christmas tree this year is out of the question.

I believe the first drives will be (are currently) produced by Toshiba, so there will be just about enough units for Christmass trees around the world. Liteon comes later into production as a key-supporter because of it’s capacity & lower price/cost when demand get higher.

This agreement is good news for HD DVD. Whilst HD DVD is dominating our living rooms, BluRay is quite well off in the PC market as the majority of optical drive producers are making BD drives. However now looking at the “big five”, 3 are now support HD DVD which will mean competition and costs being driven down: TSST: Equal support HD DVD (Toshiba) and BD (Samsung) HLDS: Equal support with Hitachi pro HD DVD and LG neutral/pro-BluRay Liteon: Supporting both Pioneer: BluRay BENQ: BluRay

…forgot to add. The more optical drive producers making both types greatly increases our chance of seeing a dual format drive in the not to distant future.

If the final price of the HD DVD for the X360 will be low (199$ or less) this is really an easy way to start seeing HD movie at home without spending (and risking…) a lot of money in one stand alone player.

it would be interesting if the price is right (thinking about 150usd) & if this can be used on pc, too.