Lite-On to make 16x NEC drives?

A friend just sent that story to me. I wasn’t sure where to post that story, in the NEC forum, Lite-On forum or in the overall Optical drive forum, the moderators can decide.

What?! Noooo… :disagree: NEC = Lite-On, what is NEC thinking! :doh:

So much for NEC. :frowning:

LiteOn has already been producing NEC’s DVD-ROMs for a number of years now (the _NEC DV-5800B, C, and D models are all LiteOn-based), so for them to contract LiteOn for DVD-writers seems to be at least within the realm of possibility.

It is also possible that they might be like Memorex and outsource to a number of different companies.

Benq would have been a better choice.

I think you will find NEC is making the drives for Lite-on

Yes, NEC will be producing drives for lite-on, at least the way I read it.

No no no :disagree:
Liteon will make drives for NEC!!!
But I don’t see Nec using the Mediatek chipset …; so i suppose Nec will use Liteon’s plant to produce their drive.

I guess we have to wait and see :slight_smile:

BenQ does not have the volume. Despite having relatively few OEM customers to cater to, they were still hit by supply shortages that resulted in a very delayed US release of the 1640, so I don’t think that they’ll be able to handle a huge customer like NEC. Likewise, I don’t think that LiteOn has that kind of capacity either, which is why I won’t be too surprised if NEC outsources to other companies as well.

LiteOn burners with an NEC chipset wouldn’t be such a terrible thing.

But how would this work with the Sony connection? Sony-LiteOn-NEC drives? :confused:

yeah i reported the outsourcing was comming a few weeks back

Lite-on it’s self is not such a bad thing I have an HP 530i (lite-on 532s) that has been great so far… make’s me wonder if lite-on does’nt produce better drives for outsourceing.

reason i say this is becouse my first lite-on burner was just crap, the 811s
was pretty much usless after about 150 burns

I guess at $35 a drive you just burn your 100 dvd’s and pitch it

I suppose i’ll order a 3540 for backup till the dust settles

Wasnt there a NEC 4XXX in the pipeline?

Liteon + NEC = :Z IMO

I thought the next generation NEC is the 4450 with with the newest NEC chip, the highly anticipated drive. I guess NEC legacy ends here unless Liteon uses NEC chip at full potential

Well considering how bad the :Z 3540 is how much worse could they get. :eek:

The coming drive from NEC is the 4550, with RAM writing capability.

Possibly they are going the way of Plextor (with BenQ making the 740) with some of their low end models made by Liteon and the rest staying with NEC.

Wouldn’t actually be so bad. As I look at my scan scores I see that the 3520 and the 1693 are neck and neck with the Liteon actually winning with TYG02 and MCC 003.

When you consider that 16X is the upper physical limit for any burner, there is just not much more they will put into a burner to attract a repeat customer, even at $45. With all my current 16X burners, there is just not a huge difference if I stick to TY and MCC anyway. Certainly not like there was with the 411 and the 2500.

If it uses the new Liteon 5S chipset, it could be a better drive than the current NECs :wink:

Now you’re talking C0deKing, it wouldn’t be so bad after all… so long as the drives are fully hackable and the firmware support is strong I think this might be a good thing. :bigsmile:

Do you know if the 5S chipset is able to handle DVD-RAM? If it’s not, I doubt the NEC drives will work with Mediatek chipset. I still think they will be using a NEC chipset from reading this post.