Lite-On to launch an 8x dual format DVD writer in Q4

I just posted the article Lite-On to launch an 8x dual format DVD writer in Q4.

 BadReligionPR used our news submit to tell us that Lite-On plans to release an 8x dual format DVD writer in the  fourth quarter this year. The 8x burners will use Mediatek DSPs and Sanyo...
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Way to go guys. I knew I should of waited for Lite-On. You ROCK:d

Lite-On is about to raise the stakes once again, go baby go! (and plz, don’t tell me the price of the burner and -worse- the 8x media …) :o:p

still not Multi-format ?DVD-RAM ??? (IOMAGIC and LG this time DID IT ALREADY :r

I’m still waiting to see the first Liteon DVD recorder in our local stores. How long wasn’t that planned yet? So that recorder will presumably not be in the stores until 2004 if you look at it realistic…

I have reviewed the NEC x 4 +/- dvd writer and it looks nice and has good specs. Take a look on :wink: God only knows when Liteon get their act together and release a dvd writer, until then the NEC could be a good contender, but I will wait a litle longer if no joy stuff yer liteon dvd writers and I will get the NEC:g open to any suggestions regarding the NEC drive and the relese date of the so called liteon dvd writers. i will believe when I see it. :B Greetz The Diplomat:S

nice but how long should we wait for the 8x media. At the moment 4x is hard to get (here) and expensive

zzzzZZZZZ…what? hey? I just woke up (was trying to sleep through the whole 4x DVD burner phase). I’ll buy an 8x for sure!

the NEC 1300A dosent work with 4x datawrite red media though :(!

mgz, the drive is multi format it only supports formats that have a viable chance to survice DVD-Ram is dying fast and I won’t expect any other company to support them as it would involve higher production costs for a marginal (and doubtfull) return on investment. DVD+R and DVD-R are the two formats currently widespread and as long as these two are supported, The drive may call itself multiformat with good reason.

the nec1300a does support the red top datawrite with a firmware upgrade check out the cd freaks firmware forum :wink:

You can buy a Lite On DVD burner online now for $285. Why wait for it to go to a retail store where they will raise the price like crazy? I want a DVD burner but I will wait till they get to 24x speed at least.

rofl x24 is writing a full dvd in 2minutes 30 seconds :+

exactly! i dont want to spend 285 dollars now for a 4x burner when the prices will be dropping in the future if you have patience. Look at the cd burners. i bought my 4x cd burner back in the day for 299. it sucked. i wait a couple years and i get a 52x burner for 50 dollars. you do the math. it doesn’t pay to be cutting edge. i’ll leave that for the suckaz!!!


heh heh, I don’t know, back in the day when I spent 4 bills on a 2x cd-r I was the shit on my block, being able to copy music cd’s back in '96 could have almost gotten one laid.

Domino if you didn’t want to buy a dvd writer then why didn’t you just say so

I doubt the 8X will sell for $130. When they announced the dual 4x burner they said the price would be $150-$199 and it’s selling for $285 on Newegg.

And how may I ask do you think a 24x dvdr media will cost??? More than one could imagine, and there will never be a 24x dvdr burner not in my lifetime anyway. Good luck in yer quest.:g Greetz The Diplomat:S