Lite-On to launch 12x dual format DVD recorder this month

I just posted the article Lite-On to launch 12x dual format DVD recorder this month.

Number_17 reports us that Lite-On IT will offer 12x dual
format DVD recorders later this month. Even though the life cycle of these 12x
burners is expected to be very short (16x burners are…

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Why would anyone buy a 12x dual format when you can have a 8x dual-layer?

I think that single layer DVD recorders will still be sold for some time. This because of the simple reasons that: a) Dual layer DVD burners and dual layer DVD media will be expensive, and b) Not everyone needs dual layer. I mean if you want to back-up a DVD movie for instance you can often use a single layer DVDR disc. If there is not enough space you can remove the extra’s and such giving you a perfect copy of just the movie. I often prefer this over a complete copy of a DVD movie (with a menu, etc.) simply because it takes longer before you can actually watch the movie. But I do agree that 12x DVD recorders will not last very long. 16x DVD recorders will be available in a few months.

G@M3FR3@K is right EXCEPT about Price of the recorders (Actually fair) the reason DL should not be adopted so soon is the expesive media i heard a disc for backing up a DVD and a 2 Disc set it would be easier to “Purchase” a new one. especially with the “Best Buy” sales of a DVD on some titles. and how about “Bugs” i heard that DL Discs must be completly recorded on according to it’s 4/17 news story :c
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OK! I couldn’t get the “Stupid” edit function to work properly since part of my reaction is missing a line let me do it here "i heard a disc costs 5 dollars which for backing up a DVD and a 2 disc set it would be easier to "Purchase"a new one. :slight_smile:
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Also if you get the “PlextorPX-712A and PX-712SA” i heard they were “Firmware” upgradable also who burns at top speed on a maxed out “Speed” drive you can get alot of "Errors that way. i Have a 48x writer that i only record at 12x to ensure playable disc

Hmm the Pioneer 107 with hacked firmware allows -r 8x writing to 4x media, i have tried it and have had 100% success so far no errors on ritek g04 media.

48X CD writer that is. Here’s the info(Source) on “Plextor”
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You might not have errors now but the DVD disc might “die” in a year or so.

it’s new technology i can’t believe you guys are being so anal about something you don’t have to buy. Some people want a 12x burner some people want a dual layer burner no one can be pleased 100% deal with it. They put it out buy it or don’t complaining will only make you look like a loser

They must have added an extra 0 to that Yen price of 5000 surely. I’m sure i read not long ago that Verbatim said DL discs would be twice as much or a little more than the current SL discs. It doesn’t add up when you consider that DL burners arent looking to be much more than SL burners.

Im on my 2nd LiteOn DVDRW drive, and while my 812S is better than my 811S, I still think they need to put more effort in these drives…

Won’t the dual-layer drives be able to record on single-layer discs too? So you’d be better off getting the dual-layer drive, and choosing the best media for the job.

Would anyone buy 8x DL when discs are fifty bucks a pop? They taker the pissoir…

Julian Clary is popping round to give 'em a good fisting…! :+

I’ve not experienced any problems with my 851S, it spits out perfect Arita (Ritek) discs everytime. No failures to date. I also have 3 x NEC writers and they work fine and dandy with the same media. That’s Arita DVD+Rs or DVD-Rs…

Hey Mate I just purchased this Pioneer model, can you tell where I might find the firmware hack for writing x8 on -R dvd’s:B Greetz Intercept…:S