Lite-On to begin churning out 16X dual format drives

I just posted the article Lite-On to begin churning out 16X dual format drives.

Lite-On, reportedly the
fourth largest producer of DVD recorder drives, behind Hitachi, NEC and
Pioneer, will begin producing 16X drives by months end. According
to this report at…

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Does anyone know what the exact modelnumber and speeds are ?

Probably similar to the Memorex mentioned yesterday.

Best guess is SOHR-1613S, same hardware as the 1213S.

OOPS, I mean SOHW-1613S

a freind of mine from liteon eur. said the 16x is identical to the 12x

Maybe they try to make their 8x and 12x burn readable discs before bring out a 16x :r

Good point Scour. :wink: I will sit back and wait until all this new technology is fully working and low in price before I buy into it. I mean, it’s cheaper to buy some original DVD’s than the d/l blanks.

And if we wait some time, other brands will also bring 16x DVDR with DL and we have the choice between many drive´s :B I think that pressed DVD-Roms have a longer life than the DL, why buy a DL for 15€ when the pressed DVD-Video only cost 5€ more :X

That is all well and great,but I am unable to still buy 8x media. That is the bigest problem I see ahead. cheers megod:d
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