Lite-On Technology June revenues up 85% over 2003

I just posted the article Lite-On Technology June revenues up 85% over 2003.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to
tell us he found this article at DigiTimes that compares last June performance
of Lite-On with this past month. We can see that they are doing very…

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Lite-On IT and Lite-On Technology are different companies though both belong to Lite-On group. Just like Samsung Corp. is a different company from Samsung Electronics but both are key members of Samsung group. Read the following from the Lite-On IT hompage: The former LITE-ON Technology Corporation gathered some elite scientist and engineers from ITRI ( Industrial Technology Research Institute ) in 1995 to start an optical storage research and manufacturing business. Currently we have over 130 engineers with Master & Ph.D. degrees in our R & D team, that are dedicated to the development of our patented anti-vibration mechanical design, advanced circuit design, firmware programming & performance tuning. Their achievement is a key factor that has ensured our success in product development. In 1997, LITE-ON Technology Corporation established a large manufacturing facility in China enabling us to provide optimum OEM/ODM support to all 1st-Tier PC makers, which further demonstrated our success in the worldwide CD-ROM market. Today, we are among TOP-3 CD-ROM drive manufacturer worldwide ( No. 1 in Taiwan ). We also have received top brand name recognition in many regions. These achievements, plus superb management vision and planning, enabled us to continue our growth and profit even at times when CD-ROM market experienced “price-wars” and many players were forced out. In 1999, we created LITE-ON Information Technology Corporation (LITE-ON I.T.), another proud member of LITE-ON Group, to concentrate in optical storage business. We are going to carry on the tradition of developing CD-ROM products to expand our research and manufacturing capacity to new generations of products such as DVD, CD-RW, and COMBO drives & introduce to OEM/ODM markets.