Lite-on Support for LTR-40125W

Was is it with Lite-On and their support for 40125W? Where’s Mt. Rainer Support? It seems they are more interested in supporting the 40125S and 48125W.

Should Lite-On be hanging around this forum, i only have one thing to say: “C’mon guys - Show some support for the 40125W”

P.S. I loathe to flash to an unofficial F/W.



I absolutely agree with you.

I have the same writer. And i thought the new firmware (ws05) would bring us the Mount Rainer support.

Maybe it’s for the next firmware but i don’t understand what they’re waiting for.

Is the 40125S a more valuable writer than the 40125W ?

Why there is always th 40125w also not mentioned in the reviews ?

i cant imagine there are big differnces( only p-cav support)