Lite-on super multi dvd burner, coming soon

Found this today :

According to Ian@CDRLabs, who heard it from a representative of LiteOn Americas, the model is going to be SHM-165H6S. He’s not sure if that model is correct or if the guy at LiteOn Americas made a typo. Personally, I think that the SHM part sounds right (M = Super-Multi, W = DVD-ReWriter), and I would bet that the 6S part is right too. But we won’t know until it’s released. Chances of SHW@SHM? I wouldn’t count on it.

n.b.: LiteOn has always used Sanyo PUHs and MediaTek chipsets for its DVD-writers, so there’s nothing new there in that department.

Does that mean they will be including DVD-RAM also?

A drive must support DVD-RAM in order to be labeled as Super-Multi, and since all the drive makers already support all the other DVD formats, any company that announces a SM drive (which is what LiteOn, NEC, and Pioneer are doing) is essentially just announcing DVD-RAM support.

…and LightScribe?

I wouldn’t count on it. Lightscribe is proprietar(?)…

If Liteon’s current numbering system is anything to go by, then there’s a good chance it will support LightScribe.

Hmmmm…DVD-RAM and Lightscribe…sounds nice as long as the quality is on par with current Lite-On drives.

So far, no Super-multi drive, just Lightscribe…:frowning:

Well, HP just officially announced their Super-Multi Lightscribe drive…still nothing official from Lite-On.