Lite-On Super Allwrite SHM-165H6S vs. Pioneer 111D

hi guys…took a look at the liteon drive and the reviews on it seem very impressive. i bought the pioneer 111d from tigerdirect but the one thing is that the pioneer 111d has no lightscribe vs the liteon which does.

i know i probably wont use the lightscribe a whole lot, but if i had the option, i know i would use it.

anyone have any comments or suggestions? the price is about $5 difference before taxes and i plan to get the tigerdirect production protection extended warranty anyways…

so again my only reasoning to looking elsewhere for a drive is to have the lightscribe feature…anyone have anything against it that i maybe should know about? pls comment.thanks!

Buy one of each and you will be happy. :slight_smile:

BTW - I think LightScribe is just worthless for DVD’s. It looks good on CD’s cause the label layer is near the top, but for DVD’s, the label layer is near the bottom, which means you get all this fuzzy plastic over the top on the disk and it looks kinda blech.

Not only that, LightScribe takes FOREVER to do a label, and I usually burned it 2x to get it darker.

I totally dig my Lite-On drives, but would get the one without LightScribe if price is an issue.

I believe the 165P6S and the 160P6S don’t have LightScribe.

Good luck.

I wouldn’t bother with LightScribe. If anything, it sounds like a bad idea to me. It only provides for more chance to scratch/oil/dust the data side of the disc. :slight_smile: Plus, it takes forever to print, discs cost more, and you’d have more trouble finding them if you’re also looking for good quality.