Lite On stops burnnig (o.s. problem)

Hi !!
my spec :
p3 - 800MHZ
512 MB ram
lite-on 401240 burner
win 2000 sp3.

I have my burner for several months and 2 days ago it stopped burning (but it is still capable to read cds).
I have tried nero , cd-speed , alcohol and after few seconds nothing happens (it just finishes loading the buffer and gets stuck - the memory it consumes is huge).

I have checked it with another system (i have 2 systems in my pc) and it works fine - so my problem is not hw but sw (or os).
I had never had this problem , and I do not want to reinstall os (the other system has the same os but it used for other purposes).

Any ideas how 2 fix it ??

have u made sure the drive is in DMA mode?

sorry for the delay with the reply .
It looks like my drivers were meesed up .
It took me some time 2 find what caused it - looks like the app “aviInfo” did it …

Thanks 4 the help .