Lite-ON starting own production of pick-up heads

From Digitimes

Lite-On IT has decided to move into production of pick-up heads with its joint-venture partner, Victor Co. of Japan Ltd., in the second half, in tandem with MediaTek Inc!

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Because is not polite enough to mention their sources. and just copy/pastes whole articles from other sites !

What is the next step?

Buy mediatek as well? Then in the ending actually produce all components in their drives theirself…

That will probably save them some money…

The deal with JVC & Mediatek is all about leveraging optical technologies for future consumer products. Don’t be surprised to see recordable DVD(RW) consumer products soon… (at affordable prices). With PC drives becomming commodity items, only volume production makes sense. We’ll be seeing 50x CDRW drives this year, which leaves very little marketing room for the different manufacturers. Contrary to some posts on this forum, multi-beam/laser pickups won’t work with current tech phase change media & the CD standard. Market consolidation will occur over the next year or so… The future, of course, is DVD.

Doesn’t Plextor use MediaTek chipsets, too? I wonder what will happen there… :rolleyes: