Lite-On SOSW-852S: DVD+R 8x speed?

I have a Lite-On SOSW-852S in my laptop and I upgraded the firmware recently to the PST3 version. Everything seems to be working fine, but I have one question. Isn’t my burner supposed to be able to burn DVD+R at 8x speed? This never worked for me, and I was hoping that the new firmware would fix that, but it didn’t. It still burns at 4x speed. I tried it out with some Verbatim 8x speed DVD+Rs.

Can anyone PLEASE help me out?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

And it burns CDs only at 12x speed :S. I just tried it out with some Verbatim 700MB 52x CD-Rs…

@ CarelessDog
Welcome:). According to this PST3 OP readout , the Verbatim +R8x (MCC 003) is rated for only 4x burn speed. I am not sure, but you may be able to use OP to check the 8x box, but there may be a reason they are only rated at 4x, so don’t expect miracles.

Your drive is also rated for 24x max CD burn speed, so a fall-back to this speed may be normal. What speed options are offered for this media in your burn program?

Alright, thanks :D. I guess I should leace it as it was…