Lite-On SOHW-832S pictures



Pictures taken by Mr. innundo in Seoul and hosted by me. He also posted some pictures of the internal parts in a closed forum but they will just stay there.

I don’t have a sample but he has.


Hehe. Thanks for sharing, Kenny! :wink:


So… What’s the official designation for “DL”? “Double layer” or “dual layer”?




double’s official, but lets call it dual anyway. dual sounds cooler (and what I’m more used to hearing/saying)


F*ck - seems like no DVD+R9 medium included :-((


Double layer… sounds nice. :wink:


double layer = DVD+R DL
dual layer = DVD-R DL


Dual or double, I will just call them two-layers!!

hows that?!!


The box says DVD+R Double Layer. :slight_smile:


I could be wrong, but it appears that the silver disk could possible be a Double Layer disk… It has a sticker on it that says D (possibly short for DL disk or something like that)… Of course I could be completely wrong and it could be for DVD-R… lol


Here is a review of the drive (sorry, only in dutch) :

They say that the drive was delivered with one DL disc. The disc was partially handmade, and would cost about 50 dollar.


We could just call it DVD+9 :smiley:


For those UK-ers that might want one claim they’ll sell you an 832 for £98 Inc. VAT! However you can’t as yet pre-order at this price, and they estimate availability end of June.