Lite-On SOHW-832S from Lite-On SOHW-822S - Does this mean I can now burn DVD-R media!

Hi, I crossflashed from Lite-On SOHW-822S to Lite-On SOHW-832S. Does this mean I can now burn DVD-R media which play better on PS2 and alot of other things?

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Yes, you can burn dvd-r/rw.

The 822S was a 832S with removed dvd-r/rw support. HP used the drive.

If dvd-r are better format for you PS2 I don’t know.

Yes - I believe they are. I bought some Datawrite 16x DVD-R’s. What speed is it best burnt at. People say that you should burn at half the disk speed so this means 8x? What do you think?

Do the LiteOn 832S support the the DataWrite 16x dvd-r at all.

Use Nero CD/DVD Identifier and retrieve mediacode.

OK I Have started the Nero CD-DVD Speed thing, my new drive :stuck_out_tongue: does support DVD-R as I burnt Destroy All Humans 2 to a Datawrite 16x at 8x and it worked amazingly. It didnt work however on Ritek DVD+R’s. I will post the results of the test like you did, should be finished in 5 minutes.

Thanx Ala42.

This is my DISC INFO

The disc is supported by your drive.

What’s the mediacode off the Ritek dvd+r.

I have the software but how do I get it onto this screen?

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this is Ritek DVD+R. I used these for along time before I crosspatched my drive to DVD-R.

Ritek is not the best media.

Were your Ritek supported at 8x or 4x with your old firmware, with the new firmware they are supported at 8x.

It didnt work however on Ritek DVD+R’s.

What do you exactly mean.

Bad burn ?

Try at 4x.

No, my drive supported 1x-8x, i burnt at 4x and it just wouldnt work - check this. i burnt 5 coasters copying destroy all humans 2, 7 coasters copying Canis Canem Edit (Bully), and 2 coasters copying Tony Hawks Project 8. I have the VSOM Firmware for Lite-On SOHW-822S, shall I install the hacked firmware called: CG5J?

Download EEPROM Utility for LiteOn/Sony Drives v 3.3 and reset learned mediacode.

Take a backup of the eeprom before resetting.

Ok, I installed the CG5J firmware - seems nice. Can I update the Lite-On SOHW-822S to a even newer drive?I backedup the VSOM firmware with LtnFW.


Backup the eeprom as well.

ok thanks for all your help.

What does reset learnt media mean?

Reset Learnt Media (new method in v2)

This function will clear all of the learnt media calibration data and flush the four burn logs. This is similar to reloading an EEPROM file which has not burnt any media. Remember it may take two to four burns before optimum results are achieved again, after resetting the calibration data. If you already have good burns then this function is not for you.

This function is for:
1/ Drives that drifts from good burns to poor burns after several burns.
2/ Drives that have used strategy switches and now have poor burn quality.
3/ Drives that now burn poorly after a very bad burn.
4/ 1213S users upgrading to 1633S or returning to 1213S. This is because the media code indices are completely different between the 1213S and 1633S, so the wrong learn data may be used.

There is no reason to clear the learn data unless the drive has become confused due to strategy switching, a very bad burn, or in the case of 3S firmware, cross flashing. It’s not a magic improve burn patch to the eeprom, like CGxx is to firmware.

So you should only us the reset learn if the drive is not producing the results you would expect or you have a new batch of media or you have been using a strategy with one type of media and you now want to use another type. e.g. You were using RITEKR03 with the T02 strategy and now you want to use real T02 or visa versa. Think of it this way. It’s like loading your day one backup of your eeprom (if you had one) back into the drive.

Resetting the learn media calibration data may set you back 2 to 4 consecutive burns, of the same media, before you get the same results again, if your media was already optimized by the drives learnt media calibration data. So I’m not encouraging people to rush out and reset their learn data. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…

I dont need to do this - I have good burns.

i burnt 5 coasters copying destroy all humans 2, 7 coasters copying Canis Canem Edit (Bully), and 2 coasters copying Tony Hawks Project 8

I dont need to do this - I have good burns.

I see.