Lite-On SOHW-832S Dual Layer DVD Writer Review



Check it out here :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting. Promising results with the DL standalone playback tests! :slight_smile:


Based on our DVD write tests, the recommended media to use along with this drive are as follows:
Ritek - For all supported formats

PioDATA - For the DVD-R format

Memorex - For the DVD+RW format

Overall, if you want a trouble-free burning experience, I highly recommend you get yourself some Ritek brand media. If the DVD-R format is an absolute must, and you are looking to burn at 8X, then I’d highly recommend the PioDATA 8X discs. They also burned and played flawlessly.
Uhhhh… sure…

Someimes I forget how good OC is at reviews. Then I read one’s like this and remember again :wink: But I will say the compatibility news was interesting. :iagree: Let’s hope there are more tests with compatibility to look at soon.


These drives are hitting the u.k. mainstream hard now.

You can pick them up over at