Lite-On SOHW 822s Firmware update for HP Pavillion

I bought an HP Pavillion pc with a Lite-On dvd+RW drive and sometimes my dvds have pixelation problems and movie skipping. I read somewhere that a firmware update may solve this issue by giving the drive the optimal burn specs for the media type I am using. I have had a terrible time locating an update for this drive. I found one that appears to be an update labeled VPPE. Mine is currently running a VPPA labeled firmware. My question is which one is the most recent update? Should I assume that since the last letter of the firmware is “E” amd that comes after “A” then the VPPE would be the latest firmware for this drive?

Thanks in advance for all those who reply

I “had” the same drive but flashed it to 832s firmware, very worth it especially as it adds -DVD-R/RW burning capability and couldnt be happier with the result
Download here:
just simply run the exe from the rar and I think after you restart it will register as an 832s