Lite-On SOHW-802S?



A friend of mine is looking at a few different PCs to buy, and one of them is an HP Media Center. It has an 8x +R only DVD burner in it, the Lite-On SOHW-802S (according to Device Manager).

Is this the same as a SOHW-812S only with the -R removed from the firmware (like NEC did with the ND-2500A and ND-2100A)? I’m just wondering if it would be possible to cross-flash either the SOHW-812S or SOHW-832S firmware on the drive?

Anyone know?



Yes, it is.


Got to be the same hardware - No way LiteOn produced special hardware just for HP. HP & DELL (I think) have shipped their computers with + only burners in the past. I don’t know if they’re still doing that. I’m sure you can flash it to a dual format 812s (or 832s), just like the LDW-401s.


Thanks for the info! Much appreciated.