Lite-On SOHW-1893S!

In the newest Alcohol120% Device Support Patch they mention the Lite-On SOHW-1893S (and the LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-16S5S :smiley: ) … will it be true, a 18x DVD burner from Lite-On?? Or will it be just a lab-unit and never reach the consumers?

Can’t think about what the other specs will be. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the info. Interesting, maybe there will be a 1893S after the 1673S. If it’s anything like the current drives, it will probably only burn one type of media at 18x.

The 16S5S should be a SATA version of the 1615S. :wink:

Here’s a post about the SOHW-1893S… [post]751283[/post] (made by you, in fact ;))

It’d be interesting to see what actually comes out of LiteOn. :wink:

this is Crazy!!

finally LiteON got some ambition to challenge the competition!!

its going to be one nice year to see how LiteON beat the crap out of others Optical drive…


I knew that thread, but there’s also no info about the 1893S, if it will be a lab-unit only or that we will see it on the shelves.

Unfortunately, the drive probably is just a lab unit or may just be a figment of imagination.

Going by Liteon’s past practices with features such as bitsetting and such, they would not improve on their technology until other companies had done so and profited.

I predict LiteOn will not be doing that anytime soon, if ever…

where do u get this device support patch.

you can get it directly from alcohol soft homepage.

18 burning would be nice. But where are 16x media?

Plenty of 16X media. I’ve bought over 300 Discs during the last couple of months. The last 5 spindles I bought on sale at BestBuy. Verbatim 16X at $15 for a spindle of 25. I normally buy from at $21.xx for a Verbatim spindle of 25.
Both my 1633S drives have performed flawlessly burning at 16X. Flawlessly meaning that every disc I tested that was burned(I’ve tried over 100 now out of 200 burned)played without any problems or glitches in my DVD players.

Here at the bottom of the page.