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Hey all.
I recently picked up a lite on drive (SOHW - 1693S06C)16X dual layer, dual format. I put it in a Kingswin external enclosure with usb and firewire. I paid about $129 for both (drive and enclosure). I tried to rip a dvd to my PC the other night, and I get pretty slow read speads, like 4-6x. Why is this? Is this a good dvd burner to stick with? I dont want to have to upgrade again for a while. How does this specific drive rank among other drives? The guy at the shop told me it is the latest revision that came out this month.

thanks in advance



Hey all.
I got another question about the drive(LiteOn Sohw 1693S). I need to record at a low speed, 1x or 2x, but when I try to it always overwrites to 4x :confused: . I am using dvd decrypter to record an ISO. Please help! Also is this a good drive when it comes to durablility? I do burn quite alot(dvds,xbox,data,etc,etc)! Please reply!



1/ You were trying to rip a dual-layer DVD. The maximum speed for those is 8x, and that speed is reached only at the very outer edges (if the disc is not 100% full, reaching 6x sounds about right). You can try to bump this speed up. See the LiteOn FAQ…

2/ The slowest speed allowed as well as the fastest speed allowed is determined by the firmware and varies from media to media. For almost all media, the slowest speed the drive will support is 4x. There should be no reason to burn slower as slower does not necessarily mean better. See the general DVD Burner FAQ (in this forum’s parent forum)…


I have downloaded the newest firmware for my drive: But I have not flashed it yet. I asked about the lower speeds because when backing up xbox games they are best burned at the lowest possible write speed. Im using Maxell 8X DVD-R discs. Does anyone have a newer LiteOn that burns xbox games frequently, perhaps you could supply some pointers?

Also, while reading through the LiteOn FAQ I didnt fully understand the advantage of using the bitsetting or booktype, could someone please explain?

Thanks a bunch in advance!!! :slight_smile:



bitsetting a disc to DVD-ROM enhaces the compatibility with older drives/standalones.
some drives refuse to read a disc booktyped as DVD+R/RW. but with DVD-ROM booktype that should be no problem.


@ Oburi
To add a bit to chok0 post, bitsetting is the act of changing the booktype of DVD+R/+RW media to DVD-ROM. It is not possible or necessary to change -R media booktype as that is the legacy/original format.


Does anyone burn xbox games with the newer burners(12x-16x) and use 4x burning speeds? Maybe the booktype is my answer. How would i go about setting mine? From what i gather, DVD-ROM is universal and DVD+RW is not? Would i run into any compatibility issues when writing something else? Also would it be reccomended to update my firmware? I dl’d the most recent on from the Taiwan site.

Thanks alot!



The 1693S reads dual layer DVD discs, and DVD+R discs at 8x max. Only single layer pressed discs are read at the 16x speed.


What program are you using to burn your XBox games?
WHat types of medias are you using to burn?
How old is your XBox?

I have ALWAYS used DVD Decrypter to burn my XBox ISOs and never had any problems. I also have burnt them on my 1673S/1693S.

If you have one of the ORIGINAL series of XBox’s, then media compatibility is your BIGGEST problem. My brother-in-law and I both have modded XBox’s, his being manufactured in 2002, mine in 2004. Anyway, his XBox has ALOT of trouble reading anything apart from DVD-R. My XBox can read anything CD or DVD. So perhaps you have the same problem?


Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:
Yes i do have an xbox 1.0. I am using maxell 8x DVD-R. Using dvd decrypter v. I was using a different burner to burn them (@ 2X) and they were working fine. But when i got the new burner they arent working anymore. I just updated my firmware to the KS04. I think it may have something to do with booktype, do you have your 1693S set to DVD-ROM? Also do you burn @ 4x when burning xbox iso’s using your 1693S?



@ Oburi
You can check your burn results with Kprobe 2.4.3 BLER scans(scanned at 4x scan speed the forum standard for comparison). You can read Interpreting PI/PO error scans to find out what these graphs mean. PI/PO is now referred to as PI/PIF. Roughly, PImax<280; PIFmax<4. Attaching disc quality scans to your post will show us what your results look like and the forum can comment on them :wink:


Yes, my 1673@1693S does have Auto Bitsetting (DVD-ROM), but please note that bitsetting is ONLY for +R/+RW/+R DL NOT DVD-R. I burn my games at disc speed and never have any troubles.
What is the media code for the Maxell DVD-Rs? MXL RG03 or RITEKG05

I also have Maxell 8x DVD-Rs(RITEKG05). I am going to do a burn of an XBox game and will post for you.

Also just curious what program are you using to create xISOs?


I’d try a different media. I used to burn Ritek G04 and verbatim -RG200 and 75% would work with my older xbox. in the older ones the drives are VERY fussy. My new xbox has a samsung drive and that reads everything :slight_smile: except non-bitset DVD+R/RW. Nevertheless I still use TYG02/TYG01 DVD-R as I get a feeling that xbox is happier with the - media.


Here’s the burn for my XBox game(Jade Empire). Media used Maxell 8x DVD-R(RITEKG05), burnt a 8x using DVD Decrypter. I used TTG02 strategy swap to burn. I use KY01 (800A firmware) as I have found it burns these discs better.


thanks guys for all the useful posts! :slight_smile:

I am using the maxell 8x dvd-r RG 03’s

I heard somewhere that setting the bitsetting to dvd-rom for any xbox disc helps, + or - . I may have been misled, but it may be worth a shot. Also what does anyone who has this drive think about the KY04(newest) firmware? I updated my drive using it, and i havent tried burning with it yet(after upgrade).

Also: Is there no possible way to burn slower than 4x? possibly 2x? Because my games seemed to work everytime with that speed using a tdk external dvd recorder.



Oburi, if you are referring to the fact that XBox backups burnt on DVD-R, appear as DVD-ROM on your PC, it is normal(xbox standard, though technically not booktyped to DVD-ROM)


Hey does anyone have a registered roxio account, and could possibly send me the updates for easy cd/dvd creator 6? For some reason this drive really likes roxio software just to let everyone out there know. :slight_smile:



only NU drives can set dvd-r booktype to dvdrom according to dvd decrypter


plus i’ve tried this and confirmed that my nu ddw82 can


If you want to increase the speed of you DL rips, hop over to this link and run your next firmware through Omnipatcher. Get the firmware here as well. I have seen rip speeds approach 14X.