Lite-on SOHW 1693S?

I can not read more about this drev, ihave tried some rewievs on this page but nothing at all!Can you people tell more about and wich one Lite-on drev is good these days?Burning a cd is not important, i would like to know more about DVD-Burn quality??

it’s the newest liteon dvdrw and the surely best. writing quality should be same/better than 1673s. look at the 1673s review, it’s almost the same as 1693s, except for the missing dvd-r9 support.

get it or wait for the new series (16x5S…)

1673S is not so good if i look at cd burning and dvd reviews!I would like to by a new one wich i will not overclock or something!I could not fixed my old one to burn cd-s thats why i need to have another one!All of dvd burners i have look at is not so good like Lite-on.